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Clan Race V1.3.0

Clan Race V1.3.0 >>>

,This mod brings new races of Naruto otsutsuki Clan This is only my 1st Version there were Prebuilds But This Is The official 1st Versioni Hope You people like it That is Interested Of anime Or fandom of The Naruto universe

Added in v0.9.99998, it is a game mode that is much like Parkour, which is intended to be played with Runners only. Here, however, there's no time limit, and the first player to get to all the scorezones wins. Also, the race doesn't officially start until the first 10 seconds of the match elapse. Until that happens, the players are boosted backwards if they attempt to start early. This is so that the players who connected to the server first don't get an immediate advantage. The race mode has a special timer that starts once the first 10 seconds of the match elapse. It continues to count time (in minutes, seconds, and milliseconds,) until a player reaches all the scorezones. Once this happens, a warning timer shows up on the screen that says: Race ending in 10. From there, 10 seconds will count down and those who do not reach all the scorezones in that time did not finish (DNF). After these 10 seconds, the match ends.

In this custom mode the maps used have a special gimmick hindering player movement. It is a difference from the default ground movement. Ramps are made use of to cause the players to "surf" or "skate" around. It is best to use bhop or race mode if you want to make a custom game centered around these modes.

Team Deathmatch, but where the teams were based on clans. If there are no clan players present, everyone was counted as the same team and unable to shoot at each other, and it was no different from the Social mode. There was never enough interest in it from the clans, and so this was cut out. Functionality of this game mode was replaced by being able to choose teams in custom TDM games (if enabled).

The most exciting part of this DRK 160 ESC is its all new designed 3-Stage Launch Power Control Software. It is operating by a 32-Bit super fast CPU with all new algorithm specifically designed for NO PREP DRAG RACING. The software was inspired by the full scale drag race cars with extremely complicated processing for the smoothest launch traction control, and yet most powerful acceleration. Thanks to the powerful 32-Bit CPU, the ESC is able to remap throttle curve in 3 stages precisely. All you need to do for the win is to focus on the starting signal for the full throttle launch.

The Ventrue have long been one of the proudest lines of vampires. Its members work hard to maintain a reputation for honor, genteel behavior, and leadership. A sense of noblesse oblige has long pervaded the clan, accompanied by the genuine belief that the Ventrue know what is best for everyone. They not only consider themselves the oldest clan, but see themselves as the enforcers of tradition and the rightful leaders of Kindred society.

They have long been Embraced from the ranks of nobility and privilege, whether kings or merchant princes, but they have also been known as knights and warlords who sought to live by the laws of chivalry and duty. If anything, the Ventrue have adapted to fill the roles of leadership over the ages, and in the Final Nights are more politician than noble warrior, more CEO than baron lord. They remain the largest supporters of the Camarilla and the Masquerade, believing both institutions to be the surest means of protecting vampires from the growing mortal masses, and of guarding their own power.[1]

The growing power of Sparta and the Brujah alliance in Athens would lead to the first Brujah War, a conflict that would set the stage for a bitter rivalry between the two clans millennia afterwards. Though the Brujah or Ventrue never came directly to blows in the conflict, the eventual invasion of Athens led by Lysander caused many Brujah and Toreador to regard the Ventrue as power mad barbarians, while Spartan Ventrue considered the Brujah dangerous idealists.

After Sparta's fall, the rise


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