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4 : Reunion

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4 : Reunion

When it comes to fashion, the Real Housewives of Miami always bring the heat. Ever since the Florida friends made a triumphant return to our screens for a hotly anticipated Season 4 (currently streaming exclusively on Peacock), there has been no shortage of scorching fashion looks. We've seen glittering, curve-hugging bodysuits, pink feathered Watch What Happens Live ensembles, and barely-there swimwear, just to name a few. But if you thought their outfits couldn't get any better, wait until you see what happened when the ladies gathered to rehash all of this season's drama at the reunion.

At The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 reunion, Alexia Echevarria, Lisa Hochstein, Larsa Pippen, Guerdy Abraira, Julia Lemigova, Nicole Martin, Marysol Patton, and Adriana De Moura proved yet again that sexy style is their forte. The sizzling details in their reunion dresses: skin-baring cutouts, strategically placed sheer panels, and thigh-high slits galore. The color palette was equally reminiscent of their vibrant home city, with shades of turquoise, marigold, and lots of gold glitter filling the stage.

Former classmate John, one half of the "MILF" duo, organizes the Class of 1999 high school reunion in East Great Falls, Michigan. Jim and Michelle return to Jim's dad's house, where he encounters his neighbor Kara, whom he used to babysit, and is almost 18.

Stifler quits his job but not before standing up to his boss and they head to the reunion together: Kevin reconciles with Vicky; Finch makes amends for lying to Selena; Oz reunites with Heather after breaking up with Mia and Stifler punches Ron for threatening Oz. Jim reconciles with Michelle and Nadia (who appears with a man by her side) interrupts them having sex but is pleased to see them still together. Jessica reveals that she is a lesbian, and with Stifler's help, Sherman hooks up with Loni.

Throughout the entirety of The Sims franchise, players have been creating new Sims, giving them families, and creating generational legacies. While family-oriented gameplay is arguably the most popular play style for The Sims 4, there could be more immersive features. While The Sims 4: Parenthood expanded the mechanics involved with growing up, the next Sims 4 expansion pack could provide gameplay in the form of family reunions - even as The Sims 5 is in development.

The Sims development team recently teased its 2023 roadmap for The Sims 4, alluding to the theme of family reunions, trees, relatives, and young Sims. While fans might have to wait for the Sims 4 Community Stream on January 31 to find out exactly what is in store, it could be surmised that the next expansion pack is going to expand family-oriented gameplay and possibly add another life stage. If the upcoming expansion pack is based on family reunions, there are a ton of possible elements that would be great additions to the game.

Legacy play styles are popular when it comes to The Sims franchise because they allow Simmers to build big families with complex narratives. Many Sims content creators have created multigenerational family units, but there is little that capitalizes on and expands that kind of play. A family reunion pack could create special moments between generations of Sims, akin to The Sims 3: Generations expansion pack that remains one of the most popular across the franchise. The pack could add new familial roles like step-uncle, godmother, and more, giving elder Sims more prominence.

When it comes to the Sims franchise, each expansion pack has to allow for madness, chaos, and drama within family units. With The Sims 4: High School Years expansion pack, there are a lot of family-based mechanics that could reflect real life. For example, a potential Sims family reunion might involve warring sides of the family, or divorced parents with twins - perhaps riffing on the iconic film The Parent Trap. Also, Sims could have new personality traits ranging from the need to impress or avoid their families, perfectionistic Sims, gossipy Sims, or teen Sims who are annoyed that they have to sit at the kids' table.

There are rumors that infants will be included in an upcoming Sims 4 update alongside the new expansion pack. As babies are notoriously blank-slate in the Sims franchise, the infant life stage would open up new possibilities for childcare. The family reunion pack could include options for babysitting, sleepovers at other family homes, arguments between parents and grandparents over how an infant should be cared for, and more. Hopefully, the new expansion pack will add an essence of real-world messiness that comes with families, building upon the life simulation that fans love.

As The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein prepares to divorce Lenny Hochstein, she's explaining why she revealed his past affair at during the season 4 reunion. Lisa broke down in tears while talking about the "emotional affair" Lenny had with another woman some years back. It wasn't a question that Andy Cohen asked, so many fans were confused about why Lisa decided to reveal the upsetting news.

The energy between Lisa and Lenny appeared to be off throughout season 4. While Lisa boasted about her plastic surgeon husband building the "perfect wife" in her tagline, Lenny came off as being less than amused by his wife whenever he appeared onscreen. Viewers noted Lenny's awkward energy towards his wife, and some The Real Housewives of Miami fans voiced their concerns online. This might've been what prompted Lisa from RHOM to reveal his past affair at the reunion. Speed up to the present day, and Lenny has already moved on from Lisa with model Katharina Mazepa, ahead of announcing plans to divorce her.

It's not until the end that Glenn and Maggie reunite, just in the nick of time, in a zombie-infested tunnel. But it's still a quick reunion, if only because this season has been so evenly split between groups we saw almost nothing of Glenn searching for Maggie before stumbling on her sign, and from there it was just a hop, skip, and a near-death experience to actually find her.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 4 was certainly one to remember that fans couldn't get enough of, so it's surprising it didn't get a reunion. From new relationships brewing to homophobic comments, fans likely never found themselves bored while watching the season. Once the season concluded, fans found themselves eager to see the cast together again during the season's reunion. Over the past several years, the show has grown in popularity leaving many fans invested in the lives of the cast.

Although millions of fans are invested in the reality series, many viewers have criticized Below Deck Med, season 7 being the worst according to fans, and the franchise in general, for how the female cast members are treated, the dramatized events, and the lack of diversity. However, this hasn't stopped fans from tuning in for new episodes and reunions. However, Captain Sandy Yawn confirmed via Twitter that there would not be a reunion show that year. After sharing the disappointing news, Sandy reminded viewers of the upcoming four episodes in the French Riviera. Once the season ended in September 2019, the cast and crew were able to take a brief break from filming. Below Deck Med season 5 then aired in June 2020.

After Captain Sandy's Twitter announcement, fans were left wondering why there was no Below Deck Med season 4 reunion. According to Bravo host Andy Cohen, he revealed on Twitter that he did not have anything to do with the show's decision. However, he did not explain why the show would not include a reunion. A 2020 article on Distractify suggested the decision was due to the cast and crew's hectic schedules. As expected, Captain Sandy's disappointing announcement upset fans. Nonetheless, viewers had the option of tuning in for the finale's after-show and start watching the new season of Below Deck.

The Below Deck Med season 4 finale included so much drama, and fans were hoping the crew would be able to discuss it at a reunion. The drama included Below Deck Med crew member, Hannah Ferrier, breaking down after trying to be perfect. Her attempts at impressing the captain led to Hannah worried she had become a failure to herself and her crew. She opened up to fellow crewmates Aesha Scott and Anastasia Surmava about how underappreciated she felt after getting honest advice from Captain Sandy. Chef Ben Robinson did not help by voluntarily feeding the captain information that degraded Hannah. As the episode concluded, the captain revealed to Hannah that she would be happy to work with her again.

Luckily, after Below Deck Mediterranean season 4, the series hasn't missed a reunion episode. However, fans will likely never know the real reason why that season did not include a reunion episode. Fans can only assume the schedules of everyone involved made scheduling a reunion difficult.

The 7th annual reunion serves as an opportunity for 4-H alumni and supporters to come together, learn about the current state of 4-H and discuss what can be done to support and improve the Tennessee 4-H program on the local, regional, and state levels.

2023 registration will be just $30 and includes lunch, tickets are now available. There will also be a silent auction to benefit the organization. This years reunion is held in conjunction with Volunteer Jam 2023. Learn more at

Below Deck Mediterranean wraps up this month, followed by a new season of Below Deck kicking off in its time slot one week later. So fans are understandably wondering what happened to the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 reunion. On Sept. 3, Decider reported that there wouldn't be a reunion show this year, according to "an insider" close to the show. Unfortunately, Captain Sandy herself confirmed the news the next day via tweet.

Fans were obviously disappointed and immediately voiced their dismay downthread, pointing out that far less entertaining seasons of The Real Housewives franchise still get three weeks' worth of reunion shows. Meanwhile, this drama-packed season of Below Deck Med won't even get one. A fan tagged Andy Cohen in a tweet asking why the show won't be getting a post-season epilogue, and he actually responded, writing back, "Not my decision!" This is actually true, as Decider pointed out. While Cohen serves as a producer on The Real Housewives franchise, he actually doesn't have much to do with Below Deck Med production decisions. He just fills in as a host on the reunion show. 59ce067264


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