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Seiko Watch Case Number

The above serves to indicate why it is so important from a scholarly perspective to come across watches such as this one. Without the certificate, it might be thought that a movement from 1960 in a watch case from 1962 could indicate a watch that had been cobbled together from disparate parts. The certificate however provides all the necessary proof that this is almost certainly not the case.

Seiko Watch Case Number

In addition to both inner and outer boxes and the certificate, this watch is also supplied with the original manual which remains in excellent condition, although do note that there is some writing on the front cover. Also supplied is the movement number swing-tag. This would have originally been tied to the watch so that the correct paperwork could be provided with the watch when it was originally sold. The swing-tag has the movement number of the watch written on the back so that the retailer could match it up with its correct certificate without having to pop off the case back.

The watch was recently serviced by Grand Seiko, with the service paper showing a date of 16th June 2017. This service paper will be provided along with the watch. The service paper has the first 6 digits of the case serial number (221064) on it which identifies that it does belong with this watch. We are not entirely sure why the final digit of the serial number is missing, but that should be of no concern.

To obtain watch parts correctly, it is important that Case numbers be used when ordering these parts. Different watch manufacturers place these numbers at different points on the case. This listing is a guide in obtaining the correct number.

Seikos can have an 8-digit serial number, 7-digit serial number, 6-digit serial number, no case serial number but with movement serial number, no case serial number or movement serial number, or a new non-date serial number system. Most serial numbers are year-month, but some earlier ones from the 1950s and 1960s are month-year (do month-year 6105s go into the 1970s?)

First released in basic black and orange, the original Monster set the standard for many of this watches now iconic characteristics: the chunky case, insane glowing lume, a toothy steel ratcheted bezel, and the stubby and short broad-arrow hour hand.

The Night Monsters are blacked-out variations of the original Monster design produced for the Japanese domestic market (JDM), featuring blacked-out PVD bezels, cases and bracelets. Originally intended to be limited editions, these watches enjoyed an extended production run and are relatively easy to acquire online.

The production watch has the original Seiko case, and the back of the case is stamped with the serial number 246904 and with the word SAMPLE. There is no movement inside the case, only the mechanism of the garrotting wire, which comes out via the side button / crown. The watch is also fitted with a dummy digital readout.

The Seiko H558-5000 diver's watch is an analogue and digital quartz watch with chronograph, digital alarm and water resistant up to 150m. The large watch has a case diameter of 46mm. The watch was produced from 1982 - 1990.

Note that not all Seiko H558-5000's are the same. The production used one from the auctions shows that the movie version had an orange/red text "Diver's 150m", while most watches offered online have a yellow text. The case number is H558-5000 but the actual model numbers can vary. According to James Bond Watch Blog, the correct Bond model is "SPW001".

Seiko case-codes are ALWAYS a set of two letter/number combinations seperated by a dash (-). For example: 1100-4840, 6N42-00F0, W853-4000. Please note that the codes never contain the letter O. This is always a zero.

To make sure that your new Seiko watch band fits your current Seiko watch, check the model number on the back case of your watch and search the model number using the search box above. Next, all Seiko watch bands are shown that are suitable for your current watch. By picking your Seiko band from this selection, we can guarantee that your new watch band will fit perfectly.

The 39.4mm stainless steel case features brushing on all top surfaces and the bezel, contrasted with polished sides. The result is a versatile look that is rugged, yet refined. Flipping the watch over presents the display case back, which has been customized with graphics in gold-tone plating featuring the Worn & Wound 10th Anniversary logo, and celebratory text. The case backs are also individually numbered.

To make sure that your new Seiko watch strap fits your current Seiko watch, check the model number on the back case of your watch and search the model number using the search box above. Next, all Seiko watch straps are shown that are suitable for your current watch. By picking your Seiko strap from this selection, we can guarantee that your new watch strap will fit perfectly.

The Seiko Presage model SRPG03 is a sporty dress watch with a fixed sixty minute marked bezel. What stands out is the gorgeous silver and white sunburst dial offset with goldtone hands and hour markers. The hands are filled with Lumibrite as are the white rectangular boxes next to each goldtone hour marker. A Hardlex box crystal adds clarity and presence to the beautiful dial.The watch is powered by the Seiko 4R35 caliber self-winding movement that can also be hand wound and hacked. The 41mm diameter case is finely brushed and polished. A date display is shown at the 3 o'clock position. The stainless steel bracelet has a clasp with a dual push-button release. An exhibition back allows you to view the goldtone rotor along with the 4R35 movement. Water resistantance is 50 meters. Weight is 134 grams. Lug width is 20mm.

The original SSBA022 and SSBA028 are not well-remembered today, especially in the west. In fact, most English-speaking mentions of the watch focus on the case number (printed on the back) because they do not know the original model designator. I believe that three models were produced: Silver (model number unknown, case number A828-4020), Black (SSBA028 or A828-4019), and Grey/Green (SSBA022 or A828-4000).

This lack of awareness is surprising because of the current enthusiasm for all things Seiko today. Although not produced in large numbers, it was a popular model at the time. Indeed, it was the watch of choice for racing drivers in the 1980s, including the legendary Ayrton Senna, who often wore the grey SSBA022 in while racing. You can also see it on his wrist in the following video

After a period of dormancy through the 90s, while Seiko shifted its focus to the SKX007 and its many variants, as well as the development of a variety of non-mechanical timekeeping technologies, the brand relaunched the Turtle in 2016 to great acclaim. Now part of the Prospex series of technically-advanced, high-grade functional watches, the updated version of the original 6309 was an immediate hit. In fact, longtime Seiko lovers were immediately over the moon with how closely tied the new designs were to the original watches. With a case size of 45mm, the new Turtles are only about half a millimeter larger than their vintage inspirations, and feature handsets and dial elements nearly identical to those of the 6309.

The lugs taper from the middle diameter of the case to a very comfortable and appropriate 22mm lug width. The crown guard features a sloping cutaway that allows for very easy access to the crown while also offering a bold presentation and the practical purpose of crown protection. Speaking of the crown, how about the knurling? This tends to enforce the tool watch vibe Seiko is trying to engender here with the Samurai. This is also a screw-down crown.

I know many enthusiasts and purists among Seiko watches may find that offense sacrilegious, but for me, objectively and aesthetically, I like them. The aggressive nature of these Monster hands complements the aggressive nature of the case shape on this Prospex diver.

If you have a Seiko watch, you may have noticed some seemingly random numbers on the case back and wondered if they represented anything. These numbers are actually serial numbers, and they do have some meaning behind them. 076b4e4f54


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