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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Offline Multiplayer

from now on, we see somewhat of an evolution towards this game, with a half-way turnaround point between advanced warfare and infinite warfare, with call of duty: modern warfare and call of duty: black ops 2, it was all about the likes of killstreaks, however with advanced warfare, these were not really new to the series since the likes of the uav and uav ram were known to be featured in black ops and call of duty: modern warfare 2. in the new part, the first thing that came up to my mind was the juggernaut, which from what i understood, he was a robot. the answer is that yes he is a robot. in the campaign, you fight against him. the campaign again, the story was rather basic, until you get to the end where you realize that you have killed an alien not human, which is your goal. this may not seem like much of a twist at the end of the story, however as i finished it, i could not tell if this was an alien world or a human one. this quest does get a little annoying, but it feels that this is where the campaign is headed, as it is already starting to get a bit long, which is expected of an action/adventure game.

call of duty advanced warfare offline multiplayer

when you pick up the game you will notice that there are no extra benefits except for the classic customization you get in the campaign. you can customize your load out by choosing four-weapon load-outs and three-weapon load-outs. in four-weapon load-outs, your choice of weapons are your primary weapon, secondary weapon, and a silent weapon. in a three-weapon load-out, you choose two primary weapons. however, you'll never have to reload your weapons while playing the campaign, as you don't have to worry about ammo supply. that being said, you will have to worry about not running out of the ghost recon weapons, as you can only carry one per load-out and weapons will be randomly assigned to load-outs. while the ghost recon weapons can be very good for close-to-mid range combat and the rex weapons can be very good at mid to long range combat, you will most likely be using the mk12s to open the game up, which is an extremely high rate of fire at the mid range.


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