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"My Windows 10 is slow to clone my HDD/SSD. It seems that it cloning process is taking forever. I want to clone a 256GB hard disk to my external hard drive. The copying speed starts fast, then drops down without any reason. I'm using Acronis True Image WD Edition. I started the cloning process yesterday 24 hours ago, and it's only 18%. Is this going too slow, and what should I do"

Generally, you can see the CD drive immediately in File Explorer after you have inserted it into your computer. There may be a short delay due to network reasons; but more often than not, you may find something is wrong with your system or the drive. MiniTool shows you what you should do when Windows 10 won't recognize CD drive.

In the following content, I will show you the possible reasons for causing the problem and the solutions to fix it. In the meantime, I will walk you through the steps to get back lost files from a CD drive easily with the help of a data recovery tool.

Casey (Surname withheld for contractual reasons) successfully started his own IT consultancy well over 10 years ago. He started training and mentoring other computer technicians who want to create a part time or full time income as an IT consultant. See the 'About Us' for more.

this freezing process sounds theoretically plausible. and ive watched enough macguyver and mythbusters to know, sometimes for the weirdest of reasons the simplest of fixes works better than the techs. 1e1e36bf2d


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