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Where Can I Buy Entenmann's Crumb Cake


Where Can I Buy Entenmann's Crumb Cake

Entenmann's is an American company that manufactures baked goods and delivers them throughout the United States to supermarkets and other retailers for sale to the public.[1] They are often known to have display cases at the end of store aisles.[2] The company offers dessert cakes, donuts, cookies, cup cakes, loaf cakes, pies, cereal bars, muffins, Danish pastries, crumb cakes, and buns among other baked goods.[3] In the past several years, they have added designer coffee flavors along with scented candles to their product line in an effort to broaden its appeal.

I am always on the hunt for a great crumb cake recipe and since crumb cake is a pretty big thing to this [former] New York girl, finding just the right recipe is really important to me (see these blueberry and chocolate chip versions for other delicious attempts).

For this recipe, you need a total of 3 cups of cake flour for the crumb topping and the cake. So, make the cake flour first and then divide it up for the called-for amounts in the crumb topping and cake recipes.

As you can expect, any cake made without artificial preservatives will go stale fairly quickly. Preservatives extend shelf life of food, so most mass-produced crumb cake you can find in the grocery store will last weeks on the shelf before going stale.

This New York crumb cake is the absolute BEST recipe out there! It even beats out the Entemann's Ultimate Crumb Cake, according to discerning New Yorkers! With big crumbs and soft, buttery cake, this crumb cake will become an old family favorite in no time.

The crumb topping has to be in error. There is entirely too much flour. Should it be 3/4 c rather than 1 and 3/4 cup I made the cake exactly as written, using cake flour as suggested, and the crumb topping was flavorless and tasted too much of flour. Nothing like Starbucks! I will keep searching for the perfect crumb cake!

I just ate a piece while it was still warm, and it had the perfect texture. The cake was soft and moist, and crumbs were plenty! At first I freaked out a little about how much crumbs I had, but the ending crumb-to-cake ratio is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Just made this last night after seeing it on pinterest. Love this crumb cake!!! So good! I followed the directions exactly. I did cook mine for 50 min to make sure it was done. Still came out moist and delicious! Thanks for posting this recipe!

Hello! I have tried this recipe a few times and every time, my crumbs sink into the cake and the cake envelops the topping. I have been checking my oven temp with a thermometer & have tried cooling the crumbs before dropping them onto the batter, breaking them up smaller and dropping them on 10 min into baking. I have been following the recipe to a T and measuring & mixing carefully and have quality pans. This seems to be a common problem based on comments for this recipe on different blogs and I have not been able to find an answer. Is this something you have any thoughts on Why does a crumb topping sink Thank you SO much!!

I do not have cake mix. For the crumb topping of 1 3/4 cake flour how much all purpose flour do I have to take out and add in cornstarch. The cake mixture says take out 4 tsp flour replace with 4 tsp cornstarch. When you read online for substitute it has Tablespoons instead of teaspoons. 59ce067264


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