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In some cases, you may need to use a locally hosted version of the AMD modules via ArcGIS CDN. An example of this is when you are working in a restricted network environment with no internet access. You can also download and install the documentation which includes the API Reference, tutorials, and samples. The documentation available for download is a snapshot from the release date of version 4.24 and will not include the latest sample updates, documentation fixes, etc.

You can export individual layers and features from the map document or scene to other formats, such as a personal geodatabase (.mdb), a personal SQLite (.db), comma-separated values (.csv), or geodatabase (.mdb) file. To export layers and features, use the ArcGIS Data Interoperability (DI) toolkit, which consists of tools and data interoperability techniques. Layers and features can also be exported directly into ArcGIS Pro by importing a map document (.mxd) or scene (.sxd). Export to a file-based format Directly import from an.mxd or.sxd file Add a layer to an ArcGIS Document (works only with.mxd or.sxd files) ArcGIS Document or Scene, download and import into ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Store offers several powerful online maps and map-based services you can use. For more information about installing Maps on your own server, go to Installing Map services in your own data center . For more information about using Maps on your own server, go to Map services vs. ArcGIS Store services .

Before sharing your data to the or ArcGIS Online map services, you must make sure the data is in a trusted organization's web map. This means it can be accessed only by registered users that have entered specific credentials to view, edit, or share the data. All data in a trusted organization's web map is evaluated to determine if it meets standards for ArcGIS map service content. For more information, see Security . 3d9ccd7d82


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