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Nationwide Insurance

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Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies, commonly shortened to Nationwide, is a group of large U.S. insurance and financial services companies based in Columbus, Ohio. The company also operates regional headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona; Des Moines, Iowa and San Antonio, Texas.[2] Nationwide currently has approximately 25,000 employees,[3] and is ranked No. 80 in the 2022 Fortune 500 list.[4] Nationwide is currently ranked No. 21 in Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For".[5]

At that time, Ohio law required 100 people to pledge to become policyholders. The first agents managed to recruit ten times that number, and on April 14, 1926, Farm Bureau Mutual started a business with over 1,000 policyholders. The first product of the new company, as its name implied, was automobile insurance. The company wrote policies only to Ohio farmers who were members for the Ohio Farm Bureau.

In 1928, Farm Bureau Mutual expanded to West Virginia, followed by Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, and North Carolina. Farm Bureau Mutual began underwriting residents of small towns in 1931 and residents in larger cities in 1934. Also, in 1934, Farm Bureau Mutual began offering fire insurance. This product grew the following year with the purchase of a struggling fire insurance company.

In 1955, Farm Bureau Mutual changed its name to Nationwide Insurance, a name by which it is commonly known today. In the 10 years that followed, Nationwide expanded into Oregon, making the company truly "nationwide". It also expanded into 19 other states, bringing the total by 1965 to 32 states and the District of Columbia.

The genesis for the Nationwide slogan, "The Man from Nationwide is on your Side" was first introduced to the public in 1965,[10] composed by Steve Karmen, an acclaimed jingle writer and it was later set to music in 1969.[11][12] But by 1971 being an insurance agent was no longer strictly a male profession, so the words "the Man from" were dropped in 1972, and "Nationwide is on your side"[13] became the slogan, after the first female agent Diana M Krapf was hired and asked that it be changed so she could properly represent the company as an insurance agent. Nationwide did make these changes (i.e. signs, letterheads, TV and print ads, even business cards) showing the changing attitudes of the times and were followed years later by other major companies.

Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world, focusing on domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement savings, asset management, and strategic investments.

In 2008, Nationwide entered into an exclusive partnership with Tavis Smiley, including sponsorship of Smiley's PBS television program as a provider of property and casualty insurance products. The sponsorship of the television program ended in 2011, but the partnership continues for other events and initiatives.

In 2009, Nationwide released Nationwide Mobile, a free iPhone application for Nationwide auto insurance customers and other iPhone users. The app is designed to assist drivers with the steps to take after an accident. It also helps Nationwide customers start the claims process, finds Nationwide-certified local repair shops, and facilitates the exchange of accident and insurance information. Nationwide was the first US insurer to offer such an application for the iPhone.[32]

In October 2012, Nationwide agreed to pay $7.2 million to resolve a market conduct exam by a multistate task force regarding its use of the Social Security Death Master File database for paying life insurance claims. Life insurance policies make it clear that it is up to the beneficiaries to notify the insurer. Most insured do notify their insurance companies but as a result of this exam Nationwide identified $144 million in benefits that had not been paid because of customers' failure to file a claims report. The agreement was announced by California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on behalf of California, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The pact reached with the task force will commit Nationwide and other insurers to compare its records against the Social Security Death Index and conduct a search for beneficiaries.[35]

UC offers preferred pricing on pet insurance through Nationwide, providing coverage for accidents and illness. Plans are available for dogs, cats, birds, small mammals and exotics (such as reptiles); animals categorized as livestock (including horses) are not eligible.

Learn more and enroll on the Nationwide website at To enroll in coverage for your bird, small mammal, reptile or other exotic pet, or to speak to a representative, call Nationwide at 877-738-7874.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company is one of the largest insurance and financial services firms in the U.S. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Nationwide was founded in 1925 when it was called the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and sold auto insurance to farmers.

The company changed its name to Nationwide Insurance in 1955. Nationwide offers a full range of personal and commercial insurance products, including auto, homeowners, business, farm, life, pet, motorcycle, and boat insurance. It also offers mutual funds and other financial products.

Allstate and Nationwide are large insurance companies offering similar coverages for their renters insurance policies. Both provide standard coverage for liability, loss of use, personal property, and medical payments. Where Nationwide shines is that it also covers fraudulent credit card transactions and damage to additions or installations to a rented home.

Both companies may be a good fit for those who prefer working with insurance agents. Renters will also be able to reap some savings such as a discount for bundling with their auto insurance. Allstate offers discounts for those age 55 or older, while Nationwide offers additional ones such as a discount for being claims-free.

What other unique services does Nationwide offerNationwide offers a host of banking, retirement, lending, and investment products. In addition, it offers all of its members a free, personalized evaluation of their insurance needs, coverage options, and potential discounts. This service, provided by an agent, is available annually or when a home purchase, marriage, or other significant life change may affect coverage requirements.

Each webinar will offer a comprehensive overview of FDIC deposit insurance rules. The session is ideal for bank employees seeking a broad understanding of FDIC deposit insurance coverage rules. The webinars will be followed by a question-and-answer session with FDIC subject matter experts.

Background: Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) are life-threatening diseases; however, it is hard to estimate their incidence due to the rarity of these diseases. We evaluated the incidence of SJS and TEN using a nationwide administrative database.

Methods: We used a national medical insurance review system (Health Insurance Review and Assessment) database which contained the claim data of the entire nation from 2009 to 2013 to estimate the accurate incidence of SJS and TEN in Korea. The diagnostic codes of L511 (SJS) or L512 (TEN) from the International Classification of Diseases-10th revision were used to define the target study population. We also retrospectively followed up a 2011 SJS and TEN cohort for 24 months in order to assess the in-hospital mortality, related complications and total claims cost due to SJS and TEN.

Nationwide, formerly known as Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance, sold its first car insurance policy in 1926. Since then, the company has expanded into 47 states and offers vehicle, property and life insurance.

Many states only require liability insurance. You may see it written as 15/30/10, which means $15,000 in bodily injury liability per person, $30,000 in bodily injury liability per accident and $10,000 in property damage liability per accident.

Our cost estimates for full coverage policies show that 35-year-old drivers with clean records and good credit typically pay an average of $1,281 per year or $107 per month for Nationwide auto insurance. This is slightly below the national average of $1,730 per year.

Your car insurance prices depend on a number of factors, and the rates that you receive from Nationwide may not reflect the estimates below. The easiest way to determine your monthly payment is to get a personalized free quote.

One factor that greatly influences the price you pay for car insurance is your age. Younger drivers and/or policyholders tend to pay more for car insurance since they do not have an established driving record. Our cost research shows that Nationwide tends to cost significantly less than the national average for all groups.

Nationwide also offers drivers free annual insurance evaluations, known as On Your Side reviews. A Nationwide insurance agent will schedule a time to speak with you to make sure that your policy is working out and answer any questions you have.

Nationwide home insurance costs are affordable compared to competitors. The home insurance quotes our team received from Nationwide tended to be lower than the national average homeowners paid in 2018 of $1,249 per year, according to the NAIC.

Your home insurance quote from Nationwide is based on various factors, including your location and property details. Here are some factors that can influence the final price you pay for coverage:

Home insurance is a property insurance policy that financially protects your home in the event of a disaster or accident, covering losses to the house and its contents. Nationwide offers standard home insurance coverage in addition to several add-on coverage options. Our experts named it Most Inclusive Standard Coverage for its many home insurance policies.

Besides offering auto and home insurance coverage, Nationwide also provides life insurance policies for its clients. These policies can provide security for your loved ones after you pass away or after a designated period of time. It can pay off college, your mortgage, cover any final expenses or estate taxes. 59ce067264


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