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MCQ in Computer Science by Ela Kumar: A Comprehensive Book for Competitive Exams and GATE PDF Free Download

This article is for anyone who has just discovered computer science. Are you wondering, what next? What will you do when youre finished? What will you do with your computer skills? Are you excited about programming? Do you want to build robots? Do you think you could contribute to open source?

mcq in computer science by ela kumar pdf free download

At NVIDIA, weve been pioneering GPU-accelerated computing for the past 10 years. This has given us unique insights into many challenging areas of software development and programming, including a deep understanding of the fundamentals of numerical computing, graphics, and computer vision. We continue to develop powerful GPU computing technologies that are changing the face of computing and are helping organizations of all sizes to solve their most challenging problems with the help of high-performance computing (HPC).

We have long recognized the value of natural language processing (NLP) in driving both incremental and disruptive innovation, especially across the areas of education, healthcare, finance, marketing, search, travel and logistics, and others. This is due to the combination of its advanced, hands-free capability with its tremendous power to scale up. NLP is also now very easy to acquire and very cost-effective. Consequently, its adoption is growing quickly.

Numerical computation is the foundation of virtually all sciences and engineering, which provides the building blocks of computer-aided applications in fields such as biology, astrophysics, weather forecasting, financial services, and risk management. Computer-aided analysis of experimental data constitutes another major branch of scientific research, and there has been growing interest from many scientific communities in developing new algorithms that empower a wide range of experiments and data analysis workflows, especially in areas such as genomics, biomedical research, and space science.


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