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CNSA 2019.20 ((FULL)) Download

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Hello, sorry to step on an old thread but need an answer if anyone can. I purchased the South America Brazil map update from Garvin for my Nuvi 55 and am in the process of the download through Garmin Express. After the initial download I am on my 5th download of City Navigator South America NT. Is this normal or is just reinstalling the same thing over and over

Sorry. Been quite awhile since I posted on any kind of forum. When I say that I am on my 5th download it is just that. I originally d/l'd the map I purchased and then the City Navigator Brazil NT ( I wrongly mentioned that this was South America in my original post ) came up for d/l. I did d/l the City Navigator Brazil NT. Then it looks for more d/l's and say you have one for CNBNT again. I am wondering if this is an anomaly or just more maps that are really installing. Think I did it 3 more times.....

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