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When you install the software, you need to activate it with a licence ID. You can do this online or offline. The licence ID is linked to your computer by the SIDRA SOLUTIONS licensing system. This means you cannot use the same licence ID on another computer. If you decide to uninstall the software from your computer, you also need to delete the licence file that was created during the activation process. Otherwise, the licensing system will think that the software is still installed and activated on your computer. If you reinstall the software on the same computer later, you will not be able to activate it again with the same licence ID because the licensing system will not recognize your computer as a new one. Therefore, you must keep the licence file if you want to reinstall and reactivate the software on the same computer in the future.

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A licence file is a small file that contains information about your licence ID, your computer, and the software version. It is generated by the licensing system when you activate the software. The licence file is stored in a hidden folder on your computer. You can find it by following the instructions on the SIDRA SOLUTIONS website.

If you want to move the software to another computer, you need to deactivate it first. This will remove the licence file from your computer and free up the licence ID for another activation. You can do this online or offline. To deactivate online, you need to have an internet connection and follow the steps in the software. To deactivate offline, you need to generate a deactivation code and send it to SIDRA SOLUTIONS by email.

If you have any problems with activating or deactivating the software, you can contact SIDRA SOLUTIONS support team. They will help you resolve the issue and provide you with a new licence ID if necessary. You can also check the FAQ section on the website for more information and troubleshooting tips. e0e6b7cb5c


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