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Fixing JSON Parse Error In WordPress Plugins

First you need to deactivate all WordPress plugins. After that activate them one by one until you get the error again. This will help you find out exactly which plugin is causing the error. You can then contact the plugin support.

Fixing JSON Parse Error in WordPress Plugins

I had the same problem, a red error message when I tried to download it from the right-click window: so I simply searched for my desktop, dragged the file there, edited it, deleted the old functions.php file in my wordpress and dragged the new edited file in the same place. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the detailed instructions on how to fix this json error in wordpress. I tried all above ideas to fix. None of them worked. The solution I found was turning off mod security in hosting control panel (cpanel).Thanks

Debugging WordPress errors can be tricky because the plugins that you're using introduce a lot of variables to the equation. With 58,000+ plugins at, that's a lot of edge cases that could be triggering the invalid JSON response error.

To find the problematic plugin, you can reactivate your plugins one by one, making sure to test the editor after each plugin. If you activate a plugin and see the error appear right after that, you've found the issue.

The error can be caused by a plugin, in which case you need to disable all plugins on your site and check again to see if the error persists. To do so, navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins from your WordPress dashboard. Select all your WordPress plugins and choose the Deactivate option from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, and click Apply button as shown below.

After you deactivate the plugins and themes and figure out which plugin or theme is causing the error, you can restore your site back to normal. Then delete the culprit theme or plugin from your website. This way, all your configurations will remain intact and the culprit will be gone.

Often this error happens because a programming language is not used properly, that is, the rules are not followed and the code is written incorrectly. It can be something as simple as not placing a semicolon, or that a complete file is misspelled. When compiling, it will not be understood and that error will appear. The positive thing about this error is that you will know exactly what it is and we will see how to correct it. In case you run a multi wordpress site and want to find out which user activity lead to this error, it can be found by monitoring user activity in wordpress dashboard.

WordPress is built using PHP, a programming language that by no means tries to guess the intentions of the programmer. So it will throw an error if it finds something strange or missing in the code as it is run/compiled/parsed.

When troubleshooting syntax errors, I always look at what files are affected. Is it the theme or a plugin or is it the WordPress core files. Most times for core WordPress files and plugins I reupload new files.

5XX error can happen for more than one reason. Namely, this error is mostly related to the available server resources or caused by one of your installed plugins. Thus, you would need to check your plugins or update the PHP configuration on your server.

In this comprehensive guide to fast and efficient WordPress troubleshooting, we will reveal the key components to fixing common WordPress errors and keeping your website running smoothly without the frustration of downtime and lost revenue.

This guide will show you how to replace WordPress core, theme, or plugin files manually to repair problems. You might be receiving a White Screen of Death and/or Parse Error in WordPress. If you don't already have the specific error that was triggered, click here to learn how to determine the error, then come on back to learn how to fix it.In the steps below we'll be using the following as an example of a WordPress plugin path where the error is occurring: /var/www/vhosts//httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/wpseo/

Sometimes your active WordPress plugin may conflict with the WordPress core. For this conflict, the website can not connect with the server properly and shows the JSON error. You can deactivate all the plugins and activate them one by one to check which plugin conflicts with WordPress.

If the JSON response error disappears when you deactivate all the plugins means that one of the plugins was causing the error. Now, you should activate the plugins one by one. If the error recurs on activating a particular plugin implies that this plugin was the culprit.

I did find your blog post interesting, since I learn about some other options. I am sending this to you in case you find it useful and once you confirm that I am correct, you can update your blog post. -is-not-a-valid-json-response-error/

An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 12 of the file /home/customer/www/ Error message: Cannot declare class WP_Theme_JSON, because the name is already in use

The exact text of this error will differ depending on what the server returned. The token and the position may vary, but the root cause is the same: the text that your app is trying to parse as JSON is not actually valid JSON.

This error is particularly troublesome because it rarely provides any useful information or hints as to the source of the problem. Fortunately, you can usually trace the cause to PHP errors, a corrupt .htaccess file, or problematic WordPress plugins, all of which are relatively easy to fix.

The JSON format requires us to follow a specific set of rules for proper encoding and decoding of the strings. For example, names and values should be enclosed in double quotes, and there should be no trailing comma after name-value pairs. The json_last_error_msg() function can help you figure out what kind of error you are getting so that you can take appropriate steps. Here is a very basic example:

In this error we can see there is a PHP parse error in the rainbows theme within the functions.php file on line 4. Reviewing this file and line will be your next step.

As this is a parse error, the issue will very likely be within some PHP code. Did you modify a theme file recently? An extra space at the end of a file or a tag not being closed are enough to cause this error.

FUNCTION _mw_lt_json_parse($stream) if (function_exists('json_decode')) if(phpversion() >= 5) $result = json_decode($stream, false); else $result = json_decode($stream, true); else if (!class_exists('Services_JSON')) require_once("mw_latest_tweet/json.php");$parser = new Services_JSON();$result = $parser->decode($stream);return $result;

@Eric: Nice, i hope you enjoy the new functions and code for your plugin. I work a little bit at the next version with addin for a field for add a category. Then i think it is enough and you can update your plugin.When you think, you are ready with a stable version (i think 0.4 is stable), then upload please to This is very good for automaticly update in the wp-admin.Best wishes 350c69d7ab


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